Lunch box for hot meals К-190 (12.05.2020) – PolyER

Lunch box for hot meals К-190


Lunch box K-190 made of polypropylene

Our new line of lunch boxes for hot meals K-190 for a good and healthy diet is for the fastest growing segment - the delivery of ready-made meals.

We offer technological, convenient and beautiful packaging for kitchen factories, retail, cafes and restaurants.


  • ideal size for complete individual meals
  • simple, elegant design
  • polypropylene is safe for hot products and reheating in microwave
  • three types of day - without sections, with a separation of 50/50 and 70/30
  • the possibility of sealing, including with MAP
  • PET lid-blowup provides stacking and possibility of storage after opening
  • use on automatic lines, pasteurization and sterilization

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Lunch box for hot meals К-190
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