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  • We can make the container and lid in your color for you.
  • It is possible to apply a logo on the lid and bottom of the container
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SpK-1616 Containers PET

A new line of universal containers СпК-1616 will complement and complete the popular line of «cubes».

This containers is presented in five volumes – from 375 to 875 ml, which will let you choose the right one for you.

The SpK -1616 line has a similar design with the SpK -1212 and SpK -1919 lines, which means that you can create a single packaging concept for your new products and projects.

Advantages of the SpK-1616 line

  • Convenience in transportation and storage
  • Five volumes to choose from
  • Perfect stacking in the foot
  • Excellent transparency and shine
  • Possibility of sealing and packing
  • On the flat surface of the cover you can place a label or logo


Material: PP

Color: Crystalline, black

Volume: 375 ml

Dimensions: 160*160*36 mm

Box Dimensions: 325*485*505

Packing: 450 (75*6)