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SpK-150 all-purpose Containers PET

Контейнер для горячего
Температурный режим
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PP Container SpK -150 with absolutely transparent universal cover from PET. The volume of 600 ml is optimal for individual meals, packing, storage and transportation of the first and second dishes.

You can pack and deliver a hot dish or warm it up in the microwave, after removing the lid. The inscription «Remove before heating» in Russian and English is placed on the surface of the lid.


Material: PP

Color: black

Volume: 600

Dimensions: 150*55,5 mm

Box Dimensions: 525*240*470 mm

Packing: 540 (90*6) pc.


Material: PET

Color: Transparent

Volume: -

Dimensions: 158*36 mm

Box Dimensions: 325*485*575 mm

Packing: 540 (90*6) pc.